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Party Invitations, 1987-2000

Some copyparty/demoparty materials this time – from the vaults of Acidchild & Bugjam, Arny, Ghost, Jugger, Lance, and Swiss Cracking Association. Included are party invitations from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland, and Poland. There are some really rare 1980s invitations, including copyparties that are not documented in any scene databases yet – and also some known, yet legendary ones, like the invitation flyer for the first The Party in Denmark in 1991. Following scans can be downloaded or browsed online in the gallery below:

Action Autumn Conference 1990 invitation // AWACS/RAF/Pussy Copyparty 1991 invitation // Chromance, Cerberos & Computer-Mania Copy Party (CCCCP) 1991 invitation // FCS-ECC Copyparty 1987 invitation // New Edition Copyparty 1987 invitation // NEWS-Party 1990 invitation // North Party 1997 invitation // Poison Party 1990 invitation // Shining 8 Eastern Conference 1992 invitation // Spherical Designs Party / Bocholter Copyparty series 1991 info pack // SSI Copyparty 1998 invitation // SWF Amiga-Sylvester-Panic Party 1987 invitation // Syndicate Denmark & Action 2009 Copyparty 1987 invitation // The Party 1991 invitation // The Party 1998 visitors’ brochure // Treacl & Panic Party 1991 invitation // Willow Party 2000 invitation


Swiss Cracking Association Archive, Pt. 2

Here is the next instalment of the amazing Swiss Cracking Association papers – with the second batch of the letters received by Smith the Software Pope. This is a large instalment, featuring 63 letters from 1986 to 1988 and including some C64 (and early Amiga) cracking scene legends among the authors. Next time, we will continue with the letters received by Saturnus the Invincible, Smith’s brother and author of the SCA Virus. For today, however, enjoy the letters (available in the gallery at the bottom of this post) received by SCA from:

• Aphrodite/NBB (Germany) [1986 letter 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5]
• Apollon/2000AD (Denmark) [1987]
• Atlas/BCA (Belgium) [29 April 1987]
• Brian/TFD (Germany) [1986]
• BTS/Trans (Finland) [11 October / November / 27 December 1987]
• Copyfox/TLI (Germany) [1987]
• Cracking Force Berlin/FCG (Germany) [1986 letter 1 / letter 2 / 9 July]
• Dada Beggar/USA (Germany) [1987 letter 1 / 23 April]
• Dakeyne/One Way (Switzerland) [1987]
• DSH (Netherlands) [1987]
• Dueco/Starline (Germany) [1987]
• Electro/FCS (Germany) [1980s]
• Fun Fun/Triangle (Denmark) [1987]
• General Zoff/NBB (Germany) [1986]
• Hi-Tec/TFD (Germany) [1987 letter 1 / letter 2]
• Hobbit/FLT (Belgium) [1987 / December 1987 / 1988]
• Irata/FCG^RSI (Germany) [1986 letter 1 / letter 2 / letter 3 / 2 February / 14 September / 24 September / 1987  4 April / 6 April / undated]
• Jango/WEB (Germany) [1987]
• Jeff Smart/GCS (Germany) [1987]
• Mad Mab/TGI (Norway) [1987 letter 1 / letter 2]
• Malibu/C64CG (France) [November 1987]
• MSS/MCC (Germany) [1986]
• Psycho-Brain/TBK (Denmark) [1987]
• Rocky/ACS (Australia) [1987 letter 1 / 24 September / 23 October]
• Scratch/Triangle (Denmark) [1987 letter 1 / letter 2]
• Spot 3001/SCA (Switzerland) [1987]
• SSD/TSK (Austria) [1987 letter 1 / letter 2 / April / 26 December]
• Swyx/Triangle (Denmark) [3 December 1987]
• TC/Radwar (Germany) [6 December 1987]
• Tom/NE (Germany) [August 1987]
• Trans (whole group) (Finland) [9 May 1987]
• unknown (D.S. Compware) (Germany) [5 January 1987]
• unknown (Suicide Service) (Germany) [1987]
• Viking/DOM (Denmark) [1987]
• Woody/XL Crackers (Sweden) [1987]
• Zeus/ICE (Denmark) [April 1987]


Swiss Cracking Association Archive, Pt. 1

As announced a while ago, here is the first installment of the documents from the archive of Swiss Cracking Association, the legendary C64 and Amiga cracking and demo group from Zurich. The core of the group were two brothers: Saturnus the Invincible and Smith the Software Pope. While Saturnus’ responsibility within the group was more on the coding/cracking side – including the crack of “Summer Games” with the hacked-in Swiss anthem, and, of course, the infamous SCA Virus -, Smith tended to focus on the communication side of things. Today, we present you with scans from his stash, including letters from all over the world, as well as a really rare set of internal documents: two versions of SCA’s address list [version 1 / version 2] as well as two greeting lists [list 1 / list 2]!

The documents from this update can be browsed in the gallery below. The letters are from:

• BCA/Proline (Germany), [1987 letter 1 / letter 2]
• Brian/The Fanatic Duo (Germany), [1986]
• BTS/Trans (Finland), [5 June / 12 June / 25 June / 28 July 1987 / 1987]
• Jayce/ex-Softnet Ent. (Denmark), [1987]
• Kiki/The New Celeste (France), [1987]
• Mathias (Young Fine Crackers, Germany), [1980s]
• Michael (Future Division, Germany), [21 June 1987]
• Pirasoft/ACS (Australia), [16 June 1987]
• Raphael/D.S. Compware (Germany), [1987]
• Rocky/ACS (Australia), [1 September 1987]
• Savage Sam/SCF (Norway?), [1987]
• Smith the Software Pope (Switzerland), draft to all contacts, [14 October 1988]
• Spot 3001/SCA (Switzerland), [1988]
• The Executor/Dynamic Duo (Germany), [1987]
• Tom/New Edition (Germany), [1987]
• Viking/The Dominators (Denmark), [1987 letter 1 / letter 2 / letter 3]
• Werewolf/Relax (Germany), [July 1987]
• Woody/XL Crackers^The Silents (Sweden), [1987 letter 1 / letter 2 / May / October]
• ZYX/The Fanatic Duo (Germany), [1987]


Loads of Demoparty Stuff

For those readers who like to see more recent scene-related stuff, and inspired by the Revision demoparty last weekend, I decided to go through the large queue of demoparty-related contributions from the past three years. Here is the result – over 50 demoscene artefacts, contributed by Azzaro, Ctulhu, Dipswitch, and JAL. Enjoy flyers, timetables, writsbands, votekeys etc. from demoparties of the last two decades in a number of countries, from Finland to Hungary, from the USA to Russia. Also, there are some additional flyers and stickers. And next time we’ll be back with 1980s’ letters again.

Demoparty stuff:
0a000h 2002, 2003 and 2004 orga badges // Ambience 1998 votedisk // Árok 2006 flyer // Assembly 2000, 2002 and 2003 wristbands and 2005 visitors’ info sheet // Bizarre 1994 newspaper article, 1997 ticket, two 1999 and two 2000 flyers, and 2000 invitation // Chaos Constructions 2014 flyer // Delirium 1996 votesheet // Demosplash 2017 flyer // Dialogos 1999 invitation and visitors’ magazine // Evoke 2003 orga badge, 2005 map & timetable, 2012 flyer and postcard, 2017 flyer // Evoke Tracks 2008 flyer // Function 2006 flyer and votesheet // Gravity 1996 invitation and votesheet //  LTP3 (1999) flyer // Nordlicht 2015 flyer // Outline 2007 badge, 2008 votekey, 2017 bingo sheet // two QuaST 1998 invitations // Revision 2019 wristband // Riverwash 2015 flyer // tUM 2004 trophy and 2005 flyer // Wired 1995 invitation, 1998 votedisk and wristband // X’97 Takeover 1997 votedisk

Other stuff:
“Advice to Young Sceners” pamphlet, 2019 // SID Chip Club flyer, 2019 // Black Maiden stickers, 2003 // Satori sticker, 2016 // The Deadliners sticker, 2017 // TRSI SID Radio sticker, 2019


Old Papermags from AVH

Here we go again with some old C64 cracker magazines supplied by AVH/Radwar. Some of them have been missing in action, some other have been circulating in lower-quality scans before. You can browse the covers in the gallery below, and download the PDFs from our archive. The Demozoo links provide credits for the mags’ content.

• Cracking Comic #5 by Hobbit/Fairlight, 1988 [PDF] [Demozoo]
• News #1/89 [PDF] [Demozoo]
• News #4/89 [PDF] [Demozoo]
• Pirates #8 by F4CG, 1990 [PDF] [Demozoo]
• Smasher #2, 1988 [PDF] [Demozoo]


Revision 2019 Stuff

As we not only document old crackers‘ letters, but also try to archive the demoscene‘s most recent paper artefacts, here is a bunch of stickers and flyers which circulated at the Revision demoparty, held last weekend in Saarbrücken/Germany, as well as the official Revision info/promo materials kept in this party edition’s airline theme.

Official Revision artefacts:
bag / baggage tag / visitors’ brochure / name sticker / postcard 1 / postcard 2 / ticket/votekey

Other artefacts:
Bombjoe 2019 World Tour flyer / Evoke 2019 door hanger / Evoke 2019 flyer / Flash Party 2019 sticker / Impure sticker / Nah Kolor sticker / Pacific sticker / PVM sticker 1 and 2 / Rebels 30 Years sticker / SceneSat sticker / Schnappsgirls sticker / TRSI sticker / Zoo 2019 sticker


SCA Archive & Call for Help

First of all, some exciting news: We received the complete paper archive of the legendary Swiss Cracking Association, Switzerland’s most prominent C64 & Amiga cracking group from the 1980s. Founded in 1984 by two brothers from Zurich, the group’s most (in-)famous stunt was creating and (accidentally) spreading the first Amiga virus, the “SCA Virus“, in late 1987. At that point, however, they already were a well-established cracking and demo group that put Switzerland on the international crackers‘ map and maintained contacts all over the world, until one brother went on to become one of the first Swiss game developers, while the other one moved on to the world of live music. We are very excited and grateful that they handed over their archive to us, which is being scanned right now and will appear here very soon. As a small teaser, today we present one letter from a rather unusual sender – the Zurich customs office, which confiscated two floppy disks and demanded a declaration of the value of the software, not realising that it was a pirate sending, despite the “Plutonium Crackers” tag.

However, I am using this exciting occasion to ask for your help. Currently, the “Got Papers?” work directory on my hard drive contains over 14 GB (!) of unprocessed image files. The reponse to my call for materials four years ago has been overwhelming, but I gravely underestimated the task I set myself back then. Doing justice to archival digitisation standards and meticulously compiling metadata for each and every scan requires lots of time and research effort: For example, swapping letters are, in most cases, undated, so one has to research the first-release dates of the mentioned games and the periods of existence of the sceners/groups in order to establish an approximate date of the document. Unfortunately, my spare time I can dedicate to this project becomes less and less, as I urgently need to complete my academic book on the 1980s cracking scene. So, in order to ensure that the collected materials see the light of the day and serve current sceners and future historians, I need volunteers to help me with processing the scans and establish metadata for them.

So, if you:

• have a deep interest in the preservation of scene history across platforms;
• have at least basic knowledge of scene history on some of the main platforms, particularly C64 and Amiga;
• are familiar with the most important scene databases (Demozoo, Pouet, CSDb, Kestra Bitworld);
• and have some free time on your hands and are able to stick to commitments agreed upon (you take over responsibility over only as many images as you think you can manage)

please do get in touch with me at gleb dot albert at uzh dot ch. Or, alternatively, meet me at Revision Demoparty in Saarbrücken on the Easter weekend.


The Movers Collection Pt. 5

Again, a batch from the vast collection of Skylab & General Zoff of The Movers. Letters from between 1986 and 1987, some of them quite remarkable – like a scroller draft written on paper by Irata. Enjoy!

Included are letters from:

• Irata (envelope), 30 March 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Irata, 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Mr Sulu, 1986 [scan&metadata]
• Paul, 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Skylab to Paul (draft), 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Strider, 1980s [scan&metadata]
• The Crusader, 19 January 1986 [scan&metadata]
• Zeke Wolf, 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Zeke Wolf, 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Zzap, 21 June 1987 [scan&metadata]


A Pirate’s Lament from the Barras

First of all, some exciting news: Zippy of The Medway Boys, a legendary Atari ST cracker from the early 1990s, scanned a substantial part of his letter archive for us. These letters will appear here in the very near future. For today, we have chosen a very peculiar document from his collection: A leaflet, approximately from 1992-1993, distributed by commercial software pirates at the notorious Barras street market in Glasgow, Scotland. After one of the usual Christmas time police raids, the announce the end of piracy at the Barras and deliver a lengthy rant against the industry, politics and the media. As Zippy notes, however, “of course they were back the following week as usual”. Something like this is really hard to find, as there is an abundance of voices from scene members of that time, but hardly any from commercial pirates. So, enjoy this historical document! Included is also a contemporary newpaper clipping about the FAST and police investigations against piracy at the Barras. You can download the hi-res scans here.


Swapper’s Tools

Every scene trade – coders, graphics artists, musicians – has its tools. Usually, we think about digital tools in this context. Today, however, we present you some physical tools – the tools of a 1980s C64 swapper. Skylab & General Zoff of The Movers provided us with a bunch of original objects that were crucial to maintain software circulation via floppy disk and “snailmail” – envelopes, express mail stickers, a disk hole puncher, customs forms, and many more. Click on the photo below for detailed descriptions, or go to our archive to download a high resolution image. Thanks go to Esther Laurenciková for the photo, and to Spot/Up Rough for fixing the captions.