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Honey/1001 Collection Pt. 5 – Letters from Thor & Zeus

We start the new year with another instalment of the Honey/1001 Crew letter collection – namely the letters he received from the British cracking duo Thor & Zeus of Teesside Cracking Service (TCS). TCS was an established C64 group, known and respected well beyond the UK. Coders and crackers Thor & Zeus were known and cherished by their swapping partners for their long and friendly letters. Thus, it’s a real pleasure for us to being able to put some of them online. Stemming from between 1987 and 1988, the correspondence is a treasure trove: not only regarding information on the European C64 elite of that time, but also when it comes to the development both Honey and Thor&Zeus went through during that time – from crackers to professional game developers, while still remaining in touch with the scene.

More letters from the TCS duo, namely those sent to the German C64 group The Movers, will go online soon. For now, enjoy these letters to Honey in the gallery below. If you want high-resolution scans and metadata, go to the archive page and scroll down to “thor…”.


Arny’s Letters, Pt. 2

After bringing you the first batch of Arny‘s letters a while ago, here is part two. Arny, also known as Icon, is a C64 scener from Austria, active in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a graphics artist and swapper in the groups TSK, Cosmos, and the latter’s game development spin-off Cosmos Designs. This update features letters he received while being active in Cosmos, and span from 1988 to 1990. Arny maintained a broad network of contacts, ranging from Hungary to Finland. This rather large update, the images of which you can view in the gallery at the bottom of this post, includes letters from:

• Cancer/Mode 2 (Denmark), 12.7.1989 [scans&metadata]
• Crazy Banana/Lazer (Austria), 1989 [scans&metadata]
• Critter/Knickers (Sweden), 1989 [scans&metadata]
• Dio/Helloween (Austria), 1989 [scans&metadata]
• Entrail/Coolex^Shockwave (Norway), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2, 3, 4]
• Exiz/2000 A.D. (Denmark), 1989 [scans&metadata]
• Flash/Array^The Crush Crew (Netherlands), 1988-1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2]
• Glerc/Science 451 (Sweden), 1989 [scans&metadata]
• Grayhawk/Fairlight (Sweden), 28.9.1989 [scans&metadata]
• Hazor/Beyond Force (Finland), 1989 [scans&metadata]
• Hitcher/Helloween (Austria), 1988 [scans&metadata]
• I-Man/Vision^The Zero Boys (Sweden), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2]
• Marfiosi/Baboons a.k.a. Spike/2000 A.D. (Denmark),
1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]
• Mason/Unicess (Denmark), 1989 [scans&metadata]
• Mastermind/Soldiers (Hungary), 21.2.1990 [scans&metadata]
• Max/Browbeat (Finland), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2]
• Mik/Pulsar (United Kingdom), 1988-1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2, 3, 4]
• Mr. Smart/Contex (Denmark), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2, 3, 4]
• Mr.Alpha/Dynamic Projects (Austria), late 1980s [scans&metadata]
• Mr.Wax/FBI Crew (Hungary), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2]
• Orc/Black Mail (Netherlands), 1989-1990 [scans&metadata: 1, 2]
• Peter/Crazy (Germany), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2, 3]
• Razor/Oneway^Raw Deal Inc. (Sweden), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]
• RT/Jukebox^Fairlight (Sweden), 1988-1990 [scans&metadata: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
• Sentinel/Zargon (Denmark), 1988 [scans&metadata]
• Servant/Byterapers^Contex (Finland), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2]
• Simex/Noise (Sweden), 19.7.1989 [scans&metadata]
• Spacie/Oneway (Sweden), 14.8.1989 [scans&metadata]
• Stanz/Dominators (Sweden), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2]
• Walter/711 (Germany), circular letter, 1988 [scans&metadata]
• Warbird/Cheyens (Denmark), 1989 [scans&metadata: 1, 2, 3]
• Wido/6th Sense (Netherlands), 1989 [scans&metadata]


TMA’s Papers

“Sorry about these delayed wares” – and the month-long silence. Here are scans of some documents provided by TMA/Abyss Connection, a German C64 scener who is still active in the demoscene and started his C64 career in the late 1980s, being member of Lazer, Tristar and some other groups of the time. Today’s batch includes:

Letters from the following people:
• Akira/TRC (Netherlands), 21 May 1990 [scan/metadata]
• Beast (Denmark), date unknown [scan/metadata]
• Craig/Lazer (Germany), ~1989 [scan/metadata]
• Craig/Lazer (Germany), ~1989 [scan/metadata]
• Flash Games/Vision (Germany), 24 January 1990 [scan/metadata]
• Flimbo/Paramount (Netherlands), ~1990 [scan/metadata]
• Madman/Tristar (Germany), ~1990 [scan/metadata]
• Madman/Tristar (Germany), ~1990 [scan/metadata]
• The Edge/Lazer (Austria), ~1989 [scan/metadata]
• The Edge/Lazer (Austria), ~1990 [scan/metadata]

Votesheets for the following magazines:
• Bitmania [scan/metadata]
• Magnetic Media [scan/metadata]
• Milestone [scan/metadata]
• Nitro [scan/metadata]
• Outbreak [scan/metadata]

…and a paper invitation for the (apparently cancelled) Vagabonds & Abyss Connection Party 1992 [scan/metadata]


Amiga Letters Worldwide

Another addition to our growing archive of swapletters: Jugger of Panic, a well-known early 1990s Amiga pack editor and swapper from Germany, gave us his letters! Here is a first batch with 15 letters from all over the world, from Iceland to South Africa and Paraguay (!). More to come! For now, here are letters from:

• Agnus/JTU (Germany), early 1990s [scan/metadata]
• Chester/Brainstorm (Switzerland), October 1990 [scan/metadata]
• Ciclant/Freelance (South Africa), early 1990s [scan/metadata]
• Cyclone/Questor (Belgium), 15 January 1991 [scan/metadata]
• Cyclone/Questor (Belgium), 31 January 1991 [scan/metadata]
• ICE/Sanity (Germany), 1991 [scan/metadata]
• José M. (Paraguay), early 1990s [scan/metadata]
• Khadaffi/TML (Netherlands), 1990 [scan/metadata]
• Mr Nice Guy/Artemis (Iceland), early 1990s [scan/metadata]
• SOS/Armageddon (Germany), 15 April 1991 [scan/metadata]
• SWAT/Bronx (Turkey), early 1990s [scan/metadata]
• Wild Rage/Grace (Austria), February 1991 [scan/metadata]
• Wild Rage/Grace (Austria), February 1991 [scan/metadata]
• Zibe/Darkside (Finland), 1990 [scan/metadata]
• Zorlac/Fairlight (UK), 1991 [scan/metadata]


Scandinavian Copyparties

H.O from the legendary Swedish C64 cracking group Science 451 gave us a bunch of invitations from Scandinavian copyparties (plus a German one) from 1987 to 1989. These are among the oldest party materials we have here. Expect more from H.O’s collection! Included in today’s update are invitations from:

• Agile & Rebels Copyparty 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Byterapers Grendelparty 1988 [scan&metadata]
• FCS Copyparty 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Horizon & Jetspeed Party 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Ikari & Zargon Party 1989 [scan&metadata]
• Jewels, Danish Gold, Dominators & Upfront Party 1988 [scan&metadata]
• The Silents & Stage 3 Party 1988 [scan&metadata]
• The Silents Hacker Party 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Vortex 42 Computer Meeting 1988 [scan&metadata]


The New Mutant

Once again, some unusual Atari stuff. Lotek Style gave us the complete run of The New Mutant, a photocopied paper zine by his (nowadays quite well-known) Atari ST demogroup The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (tSCc). This very peculiar magazine, published between 1992 and 1994 in German language, features content somewhere between music news, cyberpunk themes, and general teenage sillyness. Not much scene content, though – but hey, it’s an early product of a demoscene group. Here you can download PDF scans of issues #1 (1992) to #8 (1994).


Demoparties – From Argentina to Sweden

After all the 1980s stuff, here are some more-or-less recent demoparty materials for a change. Arlequin contributed a few flyers from the Flash Party in Argentina, which was running from 1998 to 2007 (and is getting relaunched in 2018). Gentleman discovered an amazing graffiti poster from Evoke 1997, the very first Evoke edition. And Hedning contributed some materials from Gubbdata 2016, a cozy C64 party that took place in Sweden – these materials are consciously modelled in 1980s copy-party style. Speaking of demopartiesOutline 2018 is taking place this weekend in the Netherlands, and this is a good chance to have a chat and pass me some scene papers!

• Flash Party 1998 ticket [scan&metadata]
• Flash Party 2000 flyer [scan&metadata]
• Flash Party 2000 flyer (2nd version) [scan&metadata]
• Evoke 1997 poster [scan&metadata]
• Gubbdata 2016 visitors brochure [scan&metadata]
• Gubbdata 2016 visitors list [scan&metadata]
• Gubbdata 2016 votesheet [scan&metadata]


Arny’s Letters

Today, we are happy to present to you the first batch of a new letter collection that was provided to us by C64 scener Arny from Austria, active in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a graphics artist in the group Cosmos as well as its game development spin-off Cosmos Designs. We begin with the letters from the time when he was member of the Austrian group The Softkiller-Crew (TSK) back in 1988. With these scans, we are happy to welcome Anna Baumann, student research assistant at the Department of History, University of Zurich, into our project. Thanks to her, the paper materials are going to be digitised much quicker.

Following letters are included into today’s batch:

Amiga Boy/UNIC (Belgium) to Arny, 1980s [scan&metadata]
• Apollo-1/TAT (Austria) to Arny, 20 June 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Apollo-1/TAT (Austria) to Arny, 26 June 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Flash/Taxi (The Netherlands) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Gambler/VGG (Germany) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• OLS/TGC (?) to Arny, 1980s [scan&metadata]
• Storm & Atron (Austria) to Arny, 13 July 1988 [scan&metadata]
• T.C./TWP (Austria) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• TSH/ICS (Austria?) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Umberto (Italy) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Waltsi/TNI (Austria) to Arny, 24 July 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Waltsi/TNI (Austria) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]


Ancient Atari Group Stickers

Thanks to the efforts of Lotek Style, we were able to receive materials that are among the oldest we have. Old German Atari cracker Arthur Dent from the group Copy Service Stuttgart (founded in 1983-84!) has kept these five stickers for over 30 years. They show that as early as in the mid-1980s, cracking groups were into clever “culture jamming” and appropriated well-known trademarks with a pinch of humour.

Copy Service Stuttgart sticker, between 1983 and 1989 [scan&metadata]
• different Copy Service Stuttgart sticker, between 1983 and 1989 [scan&metadata]
German Cracking Artists sticker (blue version), mid-1980s [scan&metadata]
German Cracking Artists sticker (yellow version), mid-1980s [scan&metadata]
Section 8 sticker, between 1983 and 1986 [scan&metadata]


Honey/1001 Collection Pt. 4 – Letters from Mr. Z

We’re back from a long hiatus – with some spectacular material! In another instalment of scans from the archive of legendary Dutch C64 coder Honey of the 1001 Crew, we present you with letters that were written to him by a equally legendary scene protagonist: Mr. Z, the founder of the famous Swedish C64 cracking group Triad. Written throughout the year of 1987, these eight long letters are a treasure trove in various aspects. If you are a veteran cracker yourself, or simply someone who is interested in copy protection, you will enjoy reading a top cracker discussing protection methods and their circumvention – especially since in one of the later letters, Mr. Z offers to write the copy protection for Honey’s first commercial game. And this is another aspect of interest for those who are into home computing and scene history: Here, we can observe a generation of elite sceners making their first steps from the subculture into the industry – while still being basically schoolkids, discussing sophisticated code and their first business deals alongside the latest pranks and scene gossip. Finally, the letters document Mr. Z’s pullout from Triad and from the scene altogether – with school and “real life” taking hold over someone whose group was adored by tens of thousands computer kids worldwide.

Read these fascinating letters in the gallery below, or download the high quality scans complete with metadata sheets (which also document the scavenger hunt we had to undertake to provide date estimates for these almost completely undated documents) under the following links: April 1987 // April 1987 (2) // late May 1987 // late June 1987 // 30 July 1987 // August 1987 // September-October 1987 // November-December 1987