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leZone Collection – Part 2

Here are the scans of the second batch from the collection of leZone/Marshals – mostly artefacts from 1990s and early 2000s French demoparties, as well as two diskmag votesheets:

•”Chip in Paris” votesheet (1995) [link]
• “The Charts” votesheet (1995?) [link]
• Millenium 2001 invitation [link]
• RTS 1998 invitation [link]
• Saturne 1997 invitation [link]
• Slach 1998 badge [link]
• Slach 1998 timetable [link]
• Slach 1998 welcome flyer [link]
• Slach 1999 invitation [link]
• Slach 2001 badge [link]
• Slach 2001 timetable [link]
• Synthesis 2002 flyer [link]
• VIP 2002 badge [link]
• VIP 2008 badge [link]
• Volcanic 1995 invitation [link]


C64 Anti-Freezer Comic

The cracking scene was highly competetive, and “flame wars” were a common phonomenon. While most of them were fought digitally – through intros and scrollers, some of them were carried out on paper as well. Groepaz/Hitmen provided us with a hand-drawn, photocopied comic strip that was presumably spread at one of the legendary Venlo meetings in 1989. It poked fun at German C64 cracker Spitfire/Action, who was accused of “freezing”, i.e. using a special cartridge module to help him doing his cracks. “Freezing” was against the ethics of the scene, which expected of crackers to be skilled enough to do their cracks “by hand”.

Download the scan >>>here<<<.

As a bonus, Groepaz also provided a scan of the June 1999 members’ newsletter of the German C64 group The Stock International, which can be downloaded here.


leZone Collection – Part 1

Old French Amiga demoscener leZone/Marshals scanned an incredible amount of demoscene paper artefacts from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s for our project. This is just the first batch of his kind contribution. Watch out for more, but please enjoy the following for now:

• 3S (Sea, Soft and Sun) 1996 flyer [link]
• Buenzli 14 (2005) flyer [link]
• Buenzli 14 (2005) lighter [link]
• Buenzli 14 (2005) visitors’ map [link]
• Buenzli 14 (2005) votekey [link]
• Bugs Party 1995 invitation [link]
• Bugs Party 1996 invitation [link]
• Farwest 3 (2001) invitation [link]
• GASP 1995 invitation [link]
• GASP 1995 timetable [link]
• JFF Convention 2 (2001) badge [link]
• Lucky & Tigrou Party (LTP) 4 (2000) votekey [link]


The Quest for “Illegal”

Illegal, founded by German C64 cracker and editor Jeff Smart in 1986 and running until 1991, is considered to be one of the oldest (or possibly the oldest) scene magazines. Unlike many other mags of the time, Illegal provided a fairly balanced picture of the C64 scene and did not just promote one particular group. It had an international staff of writers, and a likewise international outreach. Released on paper, the magazine reached 38 issues, and gained immense popularity: while the first issue had a print run of ten copies, later issues could reach an initial print run up to 1000 (while this initial print run could be again photocopied and spread by sceners). Despite this immense contemporary outreach, most Illegal issues fell prey to the pre-internet black hole. Only five (!) issues (18, 19, 29, 30, 31) survived as (low-quality) scans, thanks to, while further 14 issues (22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38) were typed up by several people over the years – obviously missing the layout and the graphics, which were often drawn by the legendary Hobbit/Fairlight. The first 17 issues (from 1986-1987) are completely gone.

Obviously, this needs to change. It is certain that the missing Illegal issues are scattered over scene veterans’ basements, attics and memorabilia boxes. King Fisher/Triad is a case in point – while moving house, he discovered a copy of Illegal #37 from April 1989 (which up to now only survived as a type-up by Strider/Fairlight), and kindly scanned it for us. This issue features, among other things (and some rather questionable teenage humour), an early interview with Manfred Trenz and Andreas Escher, the makers of the legendary game Katakis.

You can download the issue (b/w, PDF) >>>here<<<.

If anyone who reads this has any issues of Illegal in his or her possession, even if it’s the ones that are already scanned, please do get in touch!

First feedback / resources

Firstly, let me say that I’m completely overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response that came in within the few days the project has been online. We have already received a wealth of materials, and many more are scheduled to come in. Expect to see more scanned goods already within the next days! And please, do not hesitate to get in touch if you have something to share.

In the meantime, I have added a “Resources” section, listing other repositories on the web that feature digitised scene-related materials, as well as a selection of the most useful databases keeping track of the scene’s “born-digital” artefacts.

Finally I would like to point out that we have a page on Facebook, so if you would like to see newly digitised scene materials in your timeline, make sure to “like” it.