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The Movers Collection, Part 2

After the first instalment of The Movers‘ swap letter collection caused such a tremendous interest, we finally bring you the next batch. Once again, it’s a treasure trove, full of forgotten voices from the dawn of the C64 and Amiga scene. We learn about the hardships of switching computer platforms, about transatlantic software trade and crackers worrying about being “greeted” in intro scrolltexts, we read Strider/Fairlight complaining about “communist Sweden”, SCA sending out custom-made anti-virus software to protect their friends from their own SCA Virus (the infamous, first ever Amiga virus), and so on. A particularly emotional document is the letter by Dennis a.k.a. Turtle/Danish Gold, whom many of our readers knew and met at demoparties, and who sadly passed away in 2006. Here, we read his lines back in 1987, when he just got himself an IBM PC and was looking forward to the Danish Gold copyparty

• Action 2009 (Denmark) to The Movers, 22 May 1987 [metadata]
• Honey/1001 Crew (Netherlands) to Skylab, 1986-1987 [metadata]
• Honey/1001 Crew to The Movers, 1987 [metadata]
• Laffen/RDI (Norway) to Skylab, 1987 [metadata]
• Mr. Mister/RAD (USA) to The Movers, 21 June 1987 [metadata]
• Popeye (Denmark) to Skylab, 1988 [metadata]
• Popeye to The Movers, December 1987 [metadata]
• Popeye to The Movers, 1988 [metadata]
• STI/SCA (Switzerland) to Skylab, 1987 [metadata]
• STI/SCA (Switzerland) to Skylab, 1987 (another one) [metadata]
• Shockwave/Jazzcat (Norway) to Skylab, 1987 [metadata]
• Strider/Fairlight (Sweden) to Skylab, December 1987 [metadata]
• Strider/Fairlight to Skylab, 1987-1988 [metadata]
• ?/Trilogy (Netherlands) to The Movers, 1980s [metadata]
• Turtle/Danish Gold (Denmark) to Skylab, 1987 [metadata]

(NB: If the scans in the gallery below are too small for you, you can download the high-resolution versions at the “metadata” links above.)


Illegal #20 & Paradise Island #1

At last year’s Radwar Party, a cozy get-together of old C64 and Amiga sceners, AVH/Radwar mentioned that he might have some old paper stuff somewhere. And indeed, a few months later he provided us with an excellent collection of 1980s papermags, many of which were previously considered lost. Today, we present the first two gems – both produce by legendary German C64 scener and papermag editor Jeff Smart. First, there is issue #20 of Illegal, one of the first cracking scene magazines (see our old post here). This issue, published around September 1987, was one of the last German-only numbers before Illegal turned into the international C64 zine. In this issue, one can still feel the original intention behind Illegal – to review games, but one can also find random scene news and gossip inside, as well as a brief report on the Danish Gold Copyparty 1987, a crucial event for the history of the C64 scene. The second scan is a papermag which has been surrounded by mystery for years and is a top item on our partner site‘s “wanted list”. Paradise Island was a papermag produced by Jeff Smart somewhen between May 1989, when he was busted by the police, and 1991, when he released the final issue of Illegal. When I asked Jeff Smart about Paradise Island last year, he vaguely remembered having done something like that (and naming the mag after a t-shirt he wore back then), but could recall neither when it was released nor what was inside. Indeed, the contents are not particularly memorable – apart from the great cover by Hobbit/Fairlight, who later pursued a career as a professional comic artist.

Enjoy these two rarities, and keep in mind that it’s just about 1/10 of AVH’s collection. You can browse the mags in the gallery below, or download the high resolution scans here (Illegal) and here (Paradise Island).


Better Papermag Scans

As another update from the vast collection of Goat/Laxity, we present you today with a bunch of C64 papermags, namely the German mags Brainfart and Milestone. These issues are already available on the net, but the new scans are of better quality:

• Brainfart 3 (1995) [metadata]
• Brainfart 6 (1996) [metadata]
• Milestone 11-12/1991 [metadata]
• Milestone 1-2/1992 [metadata]
• Milestone 1-2/1993 [metadata]
• Milestone 2-3/1994 [metadata]
• Milestone 3-4/1995 [metadata]

Also included in today’s update:

• Audio Visual promo sheet, 1990s [metadata]
• Commodore Scene 13 flyer, 1990s [metadata]
• The Pulse subscription postcard, 1990s [metadata]


Polish Zines (Azzaro Collection)

Well-known Polish Amiga scener Azzaro shared with us a large number of scans from his collections, accumulated through years of swapping and demoparty visits in the 1990s and 2000s. Today, we start with three papermags: Influence (2000), a paper-only add-on for an Amiga diskmag, featuring some party reports and general articles [metadata]; Rave #1 (1995), a tiny two-page Amiga/C64 zine with rather meagre content [metadata]; and, finally Factor Zyn #1, presumably from the 1990s, an ingeniously drawn comic strip mocking a well-known religious-conservative Polish media figure [metadata]. More scans from Azzaro’s collection are coming soon.


Árok & Forever Party Stuff

Here we go with stickers, badges and tickets from two Central European demoparty series – Árok in Hungary and Forever in Slovakia, provided by CapaC. Both party series, running since over 15 years, have 8-bit computer sceners as the target group, which is reflected by the nice retro designs.

• Árok 2004 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2005 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2006 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2007 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2008 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2009 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2010 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2011 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2012 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2013 badge [metadata]
• Árok 2014 badge [metadata]
• Forever 2007 sticker [metadata] and ticket [metadata]
• Forever 2009 ticket [metadata]
• Forever 2010 sticker [metadata] and ticket [metadata]
• Forever 2011 sticker [metadata] and ticket [metadata]
• Forever 2012 sticker [metadata] and ticket [metadata]
• Forever 2014 sticker [metadata]


C64 Disk Covers (Fzool Collection #4)

Here we go with the final instalment of Fzool‘s disk cover collection. It features 31 disk sleeves in a broad range of styles, from naïve to sophisticated, from fantasy to science fiction to erotica, from heavy metal to graffiti… It gives a good overview of disk covers that were produced in the 1990s, when swapping on the C64 slowly became less important, and disk covers turned from a necessity into an art of its own. Enjoy!

Also Animals Can Be Cruel disk cover by Junkie, 1998 [metadata]
Authority disk cover by Serio, 1998 [metadata]
F4CG disk cover by Sin-1, 1998 [metadata]
F4CG disk cover by Zapotek, 1997 [metadata]
High-Tech disk cover by Jak T Rip, 1995 [metadata]
Ingenious Brain #5 disk cover by Mr. Friese, 1994 [metadata]
Killing Technology disk cover by Astaroth, 1994 [metadata]
Leming disk cover by Poison, 1998 [metadata]
Mad+Bad Group disk cover by Jonn Donn, 1997 [metadata]
Mail Madness disk cover by Neelix, 1997 [metadata]
New York Tokyo disk cover by Pixelpunk, 2002 [metadata]
Padua disk cover by Zapotek, 1998 [metadata]
Relax Magazine disk cover by Zapotek, 1998 [metadata]
Resource disk cover by Splash, 1997 [metadata]
Rock ‘n Role disk cover by Kirk, 1990s [metadata]
ROLE disk cover by Almighty God, 1998 [metadata]
ROLE disk cover by Aza, 1998 [metadata]
Stiff disk cover by Serio, 1997 [metadata]
The Factory disk cover by Micro, 1997 [metadata]
The Fist And The Brain disk cover by Lizart, 1997 [metadata]
Tiger-Disk disk cover by Brainsmasher, 1999 [metadata]
Tiger-Disk disk cover by DonAlt, 1990s [metadata]
Tiron disk cover by Skopi, 1995 [metadata]
Trip 2 Nowhere disk cover by Sundance, 1998 [metadata]
Ultimat(iv)e Stains disk cover, 1998 [metadata]
Vandalism News disk cover by Serio, 1998 [metadata]
Vitality #4 disk cover by Dr. Soft, 1994 [metadata]
Vitality #6 disk cover by Dr. Soft, 1995 [metadata]
Xenoglossy disk cover by Taxim, 1999 [metadata]
Xenoglossy disk cover by Wednesday, 1999 [metadata]
Zapotek disk cover by Debris, 1995 [metadata]


1980s Scene Letters (The Movers Collection)

As announced earlier – here we go with the first instalment of scans from the private archive of Skylab & General Zoff (of New Balance Bochum/The Movers/Elite fame). A truly fascinating glimpse into the 1980s’ C64 and Amiga cracking scene, with too many highlights to mention them all. For those with basic knowledge about the history of the cracking- and demoscene, or those who experienced these times themselves, the list of authors below will already be enough to realise the significance of the archive – and this is only a small portion of what we can expect from it. As for highlights regarding the letters’ content, I’ll just throw in some random aspects: Scottish crackers in 1986; a note from Strider announcing the foundation of Fairlight; Irata’s original letterhead; cracking tips from Mr. Zeropage; German public phone cheating techniques; anxieties over first place in intro greetings; transatlantic flows of material goods; and many more. Enjoy this first instalment – there is more to come!

• Agent Organge/ACA (USA) to The Movers, ~1987 [metadata]
• Axa/X-Men (Finland) to Skylab, late 1980s [metadata]
• Birdy/Scottish Cracking Crew (UK) to Skylab, 30 July 1986 [metadata]
• CPU/Plutonium Crackers (Germany) to New Balance, 16 December 1986 [metadata]
• Honey/1001 Crew (Netherlands) to The Movers, June 1987 [metadata]
• Irata/RSI (Germany) to Skylab, ~1986 [metadata]
• Laffen/TDF (Norway) to The Movers, 1987 [metadata]• Mr Sulu/Doughnut Cracking Service (UK) to New Balance, 1986 [metadata]
• Mr Zeropage/RSI (Germany) to General Zoff, 2 January 1988 [metadata]
• New Balance to Mr Sulu/DCS (UK) [draft], 1986 [metadata]
• New Balance to Paperboy Inc. (Germany) [draft], 7 August 1986 [metadata]
• No. 1 (=Strider)/Fairlight (Sweden) to Skylab, April 1987 [metadata]
• RGB/The Movers (Canada) to Skylab, 1 March 1988 [metadata]
• Skylab to Irata, 1986 [metadata]
• Stingray (USA) to Skylab, 6 April 1989 [metadata]

NB: If the images in the gallery below appear too small to figure out the details, you can always download high-quality scans at the “metadata” links above! There, you can also find some background info for each letter.