C64 Covers as Naïve Art

When I visited C64 scener Goat/Laxity to pick up his C64 disk covers collection for scanning, there was one pile that he didn’t want to pass on at first. “Why one would want to preserve such primitive disk covers?”, he objected. Still, I took the covers with me, and here they are. While there had been some amazingly skillful disk covers in the previous updates, the ones presented today are admittedly not on par with them. Nevertheless, they are important to get a picture of the C64 scene beyond its “elite”. For every top swapper with loads of contacts and “0-day stuff”, there were hundreds of kids swapping with a few contacts only, dabbling in PD software and old cracks, and yet seeing themselves as part of the same scene community as the “elite”. Obviously, they wanted to have their own disk covers, like the “big ones”. Sometimes, these covers are the only product they left behind. Their somewhat clumsy designs do not need to be judged on terms of “lack of skills” – these covers can be seen as examples of naïve art, compensating the lack of adherence to any aesthetic rules with a lively will for self-expression. In fact, some of these coves look surprisingly up-to-date, and could just as well be a product of post-modern hipster aesthetics.

Accept disk cover by Greenhorn, 1993 [metadata]
• Two Acme disk covers by Hanni, 1995 [metadata1] [metadata2]
Creatures disk cover by Franco, 1992 [metadata]
Crossdome disk cover by Madrom, 1995 [metadata]
Digital Art disk cover by Xonix, 1994 [metadata]
Dinomania disk cover by Greenhorn, 1993 [metadata]
• Disk cover by JJ, 1996 [metadata]
Error 2000 disk cover by S.U.C.K., 1996 [metadata]
Logiker disk cover by Logiker, 1993 [metadata]
Nasti Boy disk cover by Nasti Boy, 1994 [metadata]
Plutonium disk cover by Greenhorn, 1993 [metadata]
Reiners Public Domain disk cover, 1994 [metadata]
Secret Lab Productions disk cover by Cosmo, 1990s [metadata]
Tiger-Crew disk cover by Greenhorn, 1990s [metadata]
Tiger-Crew disk cover by Greenhorn & Logiker, 1993 [metadata]
Tiger-Crew disk cover by Little John, 1990s [metadata]
Tiger-Disk #29 disk cover, 1996 [metadata]
World D-Sign disk cover by Fan-TC, 1994 [metadata]


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