C64 Disk Covers (Fzool Collection #4)

Here we go with the final instalment of Fzool‘s disk cover collection. It features 31 disk sleeves in a broad range of styles, from naïve to sophisticated, from fantasy to science fiction to erotica, from heavy metal to graffiti… It gives a good overview of disk covers that were produced in the 1990s, when swapping on the C64 slowly became less important, and disk covers turned from a necessity into an art of its own. Enjoy!

Also Animals Can Be Cruel disk cover by Junkie, 1998 [metadata]
Authority disk cover by Serio, 1998 [metadata]
F4CG disk cover by Sin-1, 1998 [metadata]
F4CG disk cover by Zapotek, 1997 [metadata]
High-Tech disk cover by Jak T Rip, 1995 [metadata]
Ingenious Brain #5 disk cover by Mr. Friese, 1994 [metadata]
Killing Technology disk cover by Astaroth, 1994 [metadata]
Leming disk cover by Poison, 1998 [metadata]
Mad+Bad Group disk cover by Jonn Donn, 1997 [metadata]
Mail Madness disk cover by Neelix, 1997 [metadata]
New York Tokyo disk cover by Pixelpunk, 2002 [metadata]
Padua disk cover by Zapotek, 1998 [metadata]
Relax Magazine disk cover by Zapotek, 1998 [metadata]
Resource disk cover by Splash, 1997 [metadata]
Rock ‘n Role disk cover by Kirk, 1990s [metadata]
ROLE disk cover by Almighty God, 1998 [metadata]
ROLE disk cover by Aza, 1998 [metadata]
Stiff disk cover by Serio, 1997 [metadata]
The Factory disk cover by Micro, 1997 [metadata]
The Fist And The Brain disk cover by Lizart, 1997 [metadata]
Tiger-Disk disk cover by Brainsmasher, 1999 [metadata]
Tiger-Disk disk cover by DonAlt, 1990s [metadata]
Tiron disk cover by Skopi, 1995 [metadata]
Trip 2 Nowhere disk cover by Sundance, 1998 [metadata]
Ultimat(iv)e Stains disk cover, 1998 [metadata]
Vandalism News disk cover by Serio, 1998 [metadata]
Vitality #4 disk cover by Dr. Soft, 1994 [metadata]
Vitality #6 disk cover by Dr. Soft, 1995 [metadata]
Xenoglossy disk cover by Taxim, 1999 [metadata]
Xenoglossy disk cover by Wednesday, 1999 [metadata]
Zapotek disk cover by Debris, 1995 [metadata]


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