Exult’s C64 Disk Cover Collection – Part 1

Disk covers are a scene artform of its own. The flat 5.25″ disks used with the Commodore 64 could be stored in paper sleeves, and scene graphics artists did their best to give the releases they cracked, spread or created the most eye-catching packaging. Disk covers were mostly not one-offs – they were multiplied through photocopying and used by groups and individuals in their swapping activities. While covers were mostly done for groups and individuals, sometimes a particular release such as a demo got its own disk cover.

We are very happy to feature here the disk cover collection of Exult/Acrise, once a noted disk cover painter himself. Here is a selection of stunning disk covers from the early 1990s, with still more to come.

• “Acrise” disk cover by Merlin, early 1990s [link]
• “Aslive” disk cover by Exult, 1992 [link]
• “Brego of Triad” disk cover by Electric, 1991 [link]
• “Crazy Igor” disk cover by Exult, early 1990s [link]
• “Depredators” disk cover by Design, 1991 [link]
• “Excess” one year anniversary disk cover by Cat, 1992 [link]
• “Flash Inc.” disk cover by Design, 1991 [link]
• Disk cover for the demo “Graveyard Blues” (Topaz Beerline) by HTD, 1991 [link]
• “Hitmen” disk cover by Thunder, early 1990s [link]
• “Light” disk cover by Design, 1991 [link]
• Disk cover for the demo “More Than Meets The Eye” (T’Pau) by Mr. Spock, 1992 [link]
• “Parados” disk cover by unknown artist, early 1990s [link]
• “Sunrise” disk cover by unknown artist, early 1990s [link]
• Disk cover for the demo “Tendance” (Powers of Pain) by Bambam, 1991 [link]
• “X-Factor” disk cover by Brady, 1990 [link]

PS: Shortly after this post went online, Brush/Parados got in touch and told us that the Parados cover was made by M.A.T. – a graphics artist who was not really a scene member but did several graphics works for the groups. Thanks a lot, Brush!

PS2: In yet another reaction to this post, Twoflower/Triad provided us with a clean version of the “Brego” cover by Electric. It turns out that the block letters “DISTRIBUTED BY… MEGASPREADING BY…” were added by Brego himself over the original artwork. Thanks a lot for providing an unamended version! Many more disk covers are in the pipeline.