S11 Collection – Old Amiga Flyers

Our next batch of papers comes from S11/Desire, who was so kind to scan several party invitation, flyers and magazine votesheets from his active period in the Amiga demoscene in the early 1990s. They are highly interesting artefacts of the early days of the demoscene – particularly the very detailed party invitations, which give insight on how demoparties were advertised and conducted “back in the days”.

• Amega Party 1991 invitation sheet [link]
• Defcon One & Sanity Meeting 1991 invitation sheet [link]
• Prime 1992 invitation sheet [link]
• Chit Chat diskmagazine message sheet (1993?) [link]
• Global News diskmagazine votesheet (1995) [link]
• Global News diskmagazine issue 2 promotion sheet (1995) [link]
• Nordic Report diskmagazine votesheet (1992) [link]
• Midnite Mess diskmagazine issue 1 promotion sheet (1992) [link]

As a kind of bonus, S11 also provided us with a flyer for the (in)famous PainStation arcade machine, which was spread at the Evoke 2004 demoparty where the arcade was exhibited and excessively used by the visitors: [link]


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