C64 Stickers & Votesheets from Cupid’s Collection

A while ago, in proper mail swapping fashion, we received a few thick envelopes from London full of scene artefacts. The sender was Cupid, a prolific C64 graphics artist and diskmagazine editor active in the 1990s, and nowadays a sought-after IT professional. Today, we present you with some stickers and votesheets from his collection.

Active sticker, 1990s [metadata]
Avantgarde sticker sheets, 1990s [metadata]
AvantgART sticker design, 1990s [metadata]
Cupid/F4CG sticker design, 1990s [metadata]
Hitmen sticker, 1996 [metadata]
Sinister of Extacy sticker, 1994 [metadata]
Controversial votesheet, 1994 [metadata]
Extacy Land votesheet, 1993 [metadata]
Narcotic votesheet, 1993 [metadata]
Outdoor votesheet, 1994 [metadata]
Skyhigh votesheet, 1993-1994 [metadata]
The Link votesheet, 1992-1993 [metadata]
The Tribune votesheets, 1993 [metadata] and 1994 [metadata]


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