Demoparty Wristbands

Who does not know the accessory of every music festival freak, worn with pride throughout the year? Festival wristbands! Since at least ten years, after ordering small quantities of industrially produced, customised wristbands became affordable, the demoscene used the same methods to control whether a visitor has paid his or her entrance fee at a demoparty. Moqui scanned his small collection of demoparty wristbands from the recent years for us. Made out of plastic or fabric (so the latter can actually be worn throughout the year), they are part of a demoparty’s corporate identity, cramming fancy design onto a tiny piece of material.

While you can quickly browse the images at the bottom of this post, here are the links to the original scans & metadata:

• Deadline 2014 [link]
• Evoke 2007 [link]
• Evoke 2008 [link]
• Evoke 2009 [link]
• Evoke 2010 [link]
• Evoke 2011 [link]
• Evoke 2012 [link]
• Evoke 2013 [link]
• Evoke 2014 [link]
• Revision 2013 [link]
• Revision 2014 [link]
• Revision 2015 [link]

As a bonus, Moqui included the Evoke & Buenzli 2008 combined ticket [link] and the Geek Camp 2009 flyer [link].


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