C64 Votesheets (Fzool Collection #1)

This is the first of many additions from Fzool‘s collection. Active in the C64 scene in the 1990s, he provided us with over 100 disk covers, votesheets, flyers and many other fascinating artifacts from a period when the lion’s share of cracking activities took place on the PC and the Amiga, while the C64 remained to be a crucial demoscene platform. The first instalment consists of votesheets for C64 diskmags.

• Arachnophobia votesheet, 1997 [link]
• Attitude #2 votesheet, 2000 [link]
• Blasphemy votesheet, 1990s [link]
• Channel II votesheet, 1999 [link]
• Colony News votesheet, between 1997 and 1999 [link]
• Dimension votesheet, 1998 [link]
• Domination votesheet, 1990s [link]
• Insider votesheet, 1998 [link]
• Mozkit votesheet, 1999 [link]
• News Press votesheet, between 1998 and 1999 [link]