Volunteers Wanted!

Since its launch in April 2015, “Got Papers?” saved nearly 200 artifacts from the mid-1980s to the present from sceners‘ shelves, basements and attics, scanned them in high resolution, supplied them with metadata, and put them on ftp.scene.org to be preserved for future generations of sceners and scene researchers alike.

The problem, however, is that there are about just as many artifacts waiting to be processed and categorised, and there is more and more coming in every week. As much as I am thrilled about the fact that the project evoked such a massive response, it turns out that it’s quite hard to maintain it as essentially a one-man-project, and this is why I’m wondering whether there are any volunteers that would like to help me in this undertaking.

The task would be to process and categorise digitised images, do research on them via the existing demoscene databases, enter the available info into a metadata sheet, and rename the files according to a particular system.

The ideal persons would

• have a deep interest in the preservation of scene history across platforms;
• have at least basic knowledge of scene history on some of the main platforms;
• be familiar with the most important scene databases (Demozoo, Pouet, CSDb, Kestra Bitworld, Mags.c64.org);
• possess good English skills in writing;
• have some free time on their hands and be able to stick to commitments agreed upon (you take over responsibility over only as many images as you think you can manage, but if you do, please try to get them done in time).

Even while the project is officially endorsed by a university, unfortunately there is no funding involved (yet), neither for me, nor for any other participants. However, you will, of course, be listed on the website as part of the team, and generations of sceners will be thankful for your contribution to preserving their history.

If you are able and willing to help, please do get in touch.


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