C64 Group Stickers

Our project welcomes a new permanent collaborator – hedning, who is well-known in the C64 scene for his relentless preservation efforts, saving the contents of old floppy disks from oblivion. As a first batch, he presents us with a number of group stickers found on said disks, as well as a rare scan of a scener-owned Commodore REU. The RAM expansion unit provided the C64 with additional memory and was thus a helpful gadget for swappers for copying disks.

• Active sticker, 1990s (1) [metadata]
• Active sticker, 1990s (2) [metadata]
• Byterapers sticker, unknown (1) [metadata]
• Byterapers sticker, unknown (2) [metadata]
• F4CG sticker, 1990s (1) [metadata]
• F4CG sticker, 1990s (2) [metadata]
• Genesis Project sticker, 1990s [metadata]
• Hitmen sticker, 1996 [metadata]
• Nostalgia sticker, 1990s [metadata]
• Commodore REU owned by Walker/G*P [metadata]


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