Even More C64 Votesheets (Fzool Collection #2)

We processed another batch of C64 diskmagazine votesheets from Fzool‘s vast collection. Spread by post or at demoparties, votesheets were used to produce rankings of the best individuals within the various scene “professions” – programmers, musicians, graphics artists, crackers and so on. Apparently, some people chose to keep them instead of sending them back to the magazine editors – otherwise we wouldn’t have such a pristine collection of them at our disposal…

• Nitro votesheet, 1997 [metadata]
• Palladium votesheet, 1990s [metadata]
• Propaganda votesheet, 1990s [metadata]
• Publication votesheet, 1997 [metadata]
• The Crest votesheet, 1997-1998 [metadata]
• The Pulse votesheet, 1994-1996 [metadata]
• Tiger-Disk votesheet, 1996- [metadata]
• X-Dome votesheet, 1995-1999 [metadata]

The metadata for this batch was compiled and processed by our new volunteer staff member, Pixman from Switzerland. Welcome!


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