C64 Sleeves & Stickers

Once again, we received some byproducts of hedning‘s C64 excavations: two stickers by the 1980s cracking group “Software of Sweden”, plus a number of C64 disk covers from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s. The disk sleeve by Case/Energy is a particular beauty – hand-drawn exclusively for his swapping partner and not just a photocopied semi-mass-product like most scene disk covers, and looking very “timeless” in a way.

Software of Sweden sticker, ~1987-1989 [metadata]
Software of Sweden sticker (personalised), ~1987-1989 [metadata]
• Disk sleeve by Case/Energy, 1992 [metadata]
Crazy disk cover by Logoboy(?), 1990s [metadata]
Extend disk cover by Electric, 1990s [metadata]
Paragon disk cover by Hellraiser, ~1989-1991 [metadata]
Rock’n Role rubber-stamped disk sleeve by T.O.XIC, 1991 [metadata]
ROLE disk cover by Kirk, 1989 [metadata]
• “Puzzled” disk cover for Shape by Lord Red, 1994 [metadata]
Trance disk cover by unknown, ~1989-1990 [metadata]
Triad disk cover by Guran, 1992 [metadata]


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