Demoscene Materials 2000-2015

Today’s update to the archive consists of recent demoscene materials from the previous 15 years – flyers, stickers and badges contributed by Bullet, CapaC, and Moqui. Enjoy!

Accession sticker, 2010s [metadata]
Bleep Street stickers, 2013 [metadata] and 2014 [metadata]
Censor & Oxyron sticker, 2015 [metadata]
Data Airlines sticker, 2014 [metadata]
Digital Sound System stickers, 2013 [metadata] and 2014 [metadata]
Deadline 2014 organiser badge [metadata]
Function 2012 visitor badge [metadata]
Function 2013 visitor badge [metadata]
Radwar Party 2000 flyer [metadata]
SceneCon 2009 badge/ticket [metadata]

Remember, you can click on “metadata” not just for information on the artefacts, but also to download the hi-res scans. Some of the metadata was compiled by another new staff volunteer, iks from France. Welcome to the team!


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