Mixed Demoscene Stuff From Se7en

Once again, Se7en scanned some things which he accumulated during his long-standing demoscene career: Stickers, disk covers, flyers, and some weirder things like “demoparty dollars” and a Breakpoint sticker produced by a hotel. Enjoy!

Birdhouse Projects sticker, 2000s [metadata]
Brainfart “Prost!” sticker, 2000s [metadata]
Breakpoint 2009 dollars [metadata]
Breakpoint 2010 hotel sticker [metadata]
Crest “Deus Ex Machina” sticker, 2000 [metadata]
• Disk cover for Extend‘s “Der Gümmel” demo, 2006 [metadata]
Hitmen disk cover by Stone, 1996 [metadata]
Hitmen sticker sheets, 1996 [metadata]
Replay Copy Convention 2005 flyer [metadata]
ROLE disk cover by SID, 1990 [metadata]


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