C64 Disk Covers (Fzool Collection #3)

Here we go with another portion of Fzool‘s vast collection of paper artifacts from the mid-1990s C64 demoscene. This time it’s disk covers – used to store 5,25″ floppy disks, but also exchanged among sceners as a commodity of its own, as can be seen with these covers, copied on A4 sheets and “swapped” by sceners without actually cutting them out. “Cover designer” was a proper scene “profession” at that time, and there are a few stunning pieces of work among these covers.

Attitude #1 disk cover by Zapotek, 1999 [metadata]
Avantgarde disk cover by Cat, 1995 [metadata]
Bioblech disk cover by Jak T Rip, 1997-1998 [metadata]
Bizarre disk cover by Brainsmasher, 1998 [metadata]
Centrax disk cover by Serio, 1997 [metadata]
Colitt/De-Koder disk cover by Zapotek, 1999 [metadata]
Cucumbeer disk cover by Serio, 1997 [metadata]
Deus Ex Machina disk cover by Junkie, 1999 [metadata]
• Untitled disk cover by Comanche, 1995 [metadata]
• Untitled disk cover by Wednesday, 1998 [metadata]


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