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Toilet Paper #5 & #6

Thanks to Lowcola, we can present you two lost and forgotten paper magazine issues from the Finnish Amiga scene. Toilet Paper #5 and #6 both came out simultaneously in December 1991 – for reasons not completely clear. Lowcola writes: “The team had a goal of publishing 6-10 magazines, had enough material, but around December they wanted to take a holiday break, so I figure they ended up making a double issue.” The magazine was obviously not a semi-professional untertaking of the scene’s “elite”, like Illegal, Pirates, and other well-known mags, but rather the work of “average” teenage sceners. If they would have been active nowadays, they probably would have poured their desire for self-expression into a Tumblr blog or a MySpace page. One can see the editors desperately struggling for content, filling up the space with random pictures, font samples, and rather questionable teenage humour. However, as members of the scene, they were quite well-connected. They managed to interview a member of the UK cracking group Mirage, and judging from the published readers’ letters and swapping ads, the magazine circulated as far as Turkey and South Africa.

You can download the OCR’d scans here (#5) and here (#6).

Ultimate C64 Scene Mag Archive – Update 10

Our partner site, the mags.c64.org archive, has just released update #10 of its “Ultimate C64 Scene Mag Archive”. The update contains 2 GB worth of C64 scene magazines which Jazzcat/Onslaught, who runs the archive, accumulated over the past years and which were not available on the Internet up to now. A tremendous C64 history preservation effort! Included are several paper magazines as well, some of which have been preserved through “Got Papers?”. You can download the archive update here.


News 3/1989 – Another Lost Cracker Mag Resurfaced

After providing us with News #7/1988, Se7en came up with one more issue of this classical German C64 cracker magazine. Issue 3/1989 (May/June) encompasses 36 pages full of news, interviews, copyparty reports and random nonsense. Amongst other things, it features a German translation of the legendary “Crackin’ Comic” by Hobbit/Fairlight.

Download the issue >>> here <<<, or have a look at the details and credits at Demozoo.


Pirates #6 – Another Papermag Resurfaced

We managed to bring back another long-lost paper magazine – issue #6 of Pirates, the Belgian C-64 crackers‘ magazine edited by F4CG. A thousand thanks go to Reset/Transcom, who found a stash of papermags and was willing to scan them and share them with us (more to come in the next weeks). This issue offers, amongst other things, a report on the Australian C-64 scene, an interview with famous game-musician Markus Schneider as a young kid, party reports from Contex Copy-Party (Finland), Crazy Copy-Party (Switzerland), Venlo Meeting, TEC Copy-Party (Australia), and a wild anti-communist rant by Hungarian C-64 groups.

Download the issue >>> here <<<.


S11 Collection – Old Amiga Flyers

Our next batch of papers comes from S11/Desire, who was so kind to scan several party invitation, flyers and magazine votesheets from his active period in the Amiga demoscene in the early 1990s. They are highly interesting artefacts of the early days of the demoscene – particularly the very detailed party invitations, which give insight on how demoparties were advertised and conducted “back in the days”.

• Amega Party 1991 invitation sheet [link]
• Defcon One & Sanity Meeting 1991 invitation sheet [link]
• Prime 1992 invitation sheet [link]
• Chit Chat diskmagazine message sheet (1993?) [link]
• Global News diskmagazine votesheet (1995) [link]
• Global News diskmagazine issue 2 promotion sheet (1995) [link]
• Nordic Report diskmagazine votesheet (1992) [link]
• Midnite Mess diskmagazine issue 1 promotion sheet (1992) [link]

As a kind of bonus, S11 also provided us with a flyer for the (in)famous PainStation arcade machine, which was spread at the Evoke 2004 demoparty where the arcade was exhibited and excessively used by the visitors: [link]


News 7/1988

“News” was a relatively obscure, yet quite professionally made C64 cracker magazine, edited by Dave E. and Carsten Bob from southern Germany. Not much is known about it, since while there were at least eight issues produced, only one (!) made its way into the Internet age. Luckily, Se7en/Digital Excess has gone through his stash of scene materials, presenting us with #7/1988 of the mag. Written entirely in German, it dates from December 1988 and features interesting insights into the less-“elite” parts of the early C64 scene.

You can download the OCR’d PDF file, an archive with the single pages, or view the entry at Demozoo.


The Quest for “Illegal”

Illegal, founded by German C64 cracker and editor Jeff Smart in 1986 and running until 1991, is considered to be one of the oldest (or possibly the oldest) scene magazines. Unlike many other mags of the time, Illegal provided a fairly balanced picture of the C64 scene and did not just promote one particular group. It had an international staff of writers, and a likewise international outreach. Released on paper, the magazine reached 38 issues, and gained immense popularity: while the first issue had a print run of ten copies, later issues could reach an initial print run up to 1000 (while this initial print run could be again photocopied and spread by sceners). Despite this immense contemporary outreach, most Illegal issues fell prey to the pre-internet black hole. Only five (!) issues (18, 19, 29, 30, 31) survived as (low-quality) scans, thanks to mags.c64.org, while further 14 issues (22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38) were typed up by several people over the years – obviously missing the layout and the graphics, which were often drawn by the legendary Hobbit/Fairlight. The first 17 issues (from 1986-1987) are completely gone.

Obviously, this needs to change. It is certain that the missing Illegal issues are scattered over scene veterans’ basements, attics and memorabilia boxes. King Fisher/Triad is a case in point – while moving house, he discovered a copy of Illegal #37 from April 1989 (which up to now only survived as a type-up by Strider/Fairlight), and kindly scanned it for us. This issue features, among other things (and some rather questionable teenage humour), an early interview with Manfred Trenz and Andreas Escher, the makers of the legendary game Katakis.

You can download the issue (b/w, PDF) >>>here<<<.

If anyone who reads this has any issues of Illegal in his or her possession, even if it’s the ones that are already scanned, please do get in touch!


Here we are!

Welcome! Some of you might have received the flyers about this project at Revision 2015 or at a different occasion. “GOT PAPERS?” is dedicated to preserving material artefacts of the scene – everything that is not digital and thus is in danger of disappearing from scene history, such as papermags, flyers, letters, stickers, and so on. Read more about it in the About section.

While the high-quality scans are hosted on files.scene.org, this blog is to serve as a newssite to display the newly added items. Obviously, the more people provide items to be scanned, the more news are to be read here! Two dedicated sceners did the first step: Menace and Pandur, who provided us with their collections of demoparty magazines and brochures. If you want to follow in their footsteps and have your scene materials professionally scanned in order to preserve them for future generations, then please do get in touch!

These are the items that just came in:

• The Gathering 1994 visitor brochure [link]
• The Gathering 1995 visitor brochure [link]
• The Party 1997 visitor brochure [link]
• Takeover 1998 flyer [link]
• Takeover 1999 flyer [link]
• Takeover 1999 party magazine [link]
• Takeover 2000 party magazine [link]
• Takeover 2001 party magazine [link]
• Promo flyer for the demo “Contour” by The Black Lotus (1999) [link]